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Constructing a Scale to Evaluate the Educational (Values for the Students who Practice Sport Activities in the University of Jordan

Abstract | الملخص

The purpose of the current study was to construct a scale to evaluate the educationl values for the students who practice sports activities in the University of Jordan.The descriptive approach was used. The study sample consisted of 100 students representing 33.3%of the population (approx 300 students)(68males and 32females)representing the different faculties at the university and practicing different sports activities such as foot ball, basketball ,table tenuis,squash. Date were analyzed using spss software: Means, standard deviations.skewness, person correlation, alpha cronbach, and test were used. The final form of the scale consisted of 38 items desirability over six dimensions (responsibility 7items, Honesty 4 items, Beauty 6 items, cooperation 5 items and competition 6 items sociability 10items). The researcher concluded that the scale has a high validity and that the University of Jordan who practice sports activities have a high educational values (as appeared by the means). It was recommended to use the scale in the other universities and to develop and modify the scale by future studies to evaluate the educational values for the non-practicing sports activities students.

Authors | المؤلفون

Nihad Battikh

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

A Scale, Educational Value, Sporting Activities

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