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The Effect of Different Training Methods on Time Performance in Freestyle Swimming

Abstract | الملخص

The importance of the research stems from pointing out the effects of two programs on improving technical and functional efficiency as well as times in performance 100m freestyle swimming. Consequently, staff members and trainers in physical education can improve training and performance levels of students. The sample consisted of (30) students from advance Swimming Course at Yarmouk university, Faculty of Physical Education, who were randomly selected 2004-2005. The samples were divided into two equal groups and each one of was randomly assigned to one of the two programs. The result showed differences in fever of the Interval training. The findings also showed an overall improvement in shortening time periods in the 100m free-swimming compensation in both programs. Based on these findings, certain suggestions were developed for the purpose of improving swimming training.

Authors | المؤلفون

Hasan Al-Wedyan , Amjad Madanat

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Interval Training, Continuous Training, 100m Swimming

References | المراجع