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The level of Meeting the Quality Standards in Islamic Education Book of the 12th Grade in the State of Kuwait from Teachers' Viewpoint

Abstract | الملخص

This study aimed at investigating the level of meeting the quality standards in Islamic Education book of the 12th grade in Kuwait the viewpoint of teachers. A descriptive methodology was adopted and the sample of study was (36) teachers, representing 85% of the study community, i.e. (42) teachers, in the secondary stage in Al-Ahmadi governorate in Kuwait, A questionnaire was desighned to make sure of the quality standards level in Islamic Education book of the 12th grade in secondary stage of Kuwait. The study revealed that content field secured the first order, and achieved the highest average (3.53) and great grade of achievement, followed by field of the book technical publishing at arithmetic average (3.42) and great level of achievement too. The other aspects, on the other hand, secured average achievements, whereas the objectives aspect demonstrated arithmetic average -of (3.38), followed by the introduction at arithmetic average with value of (3.37), followed by evaluation field representing (3.35), followed by content presentation aspect demonstrating (3.32), followed by training and activities aspect (3.29), whereas educational instruments aspect represented the least level (2.84). The most prominent recommendations presented by this study, the necessity of placing the educational objectives beginning of each academic unit, as well as variety in implying group of trainings and activities which achieve the desired educational objectives end of lesson in Islamic Education book of the 12th grades in State of Kuwait.

Authors | المؤلفون

Mohammad A. AlShuhoumi

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Quality Standards, Islamic Education.

References | المراجع