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The Role of Practicing Swimming in Inculcating Educational Values among the Male and Female Swimmers in Jordan

Abstract | الملخص

This study aimed at identifying the role of swimming in the inclucating of the educational values among the male and female swimmers in Jordan as well as identifying the differences of the educational values according to variable of gender. The researchers followed the descriptive approach with its survey image due to its suitability to the nature of this study. The researchers designed a questionnaire which consisted of 48 items distributed on (5) areas. The sample of the study consisted of (75) male and female swimmers representing the Jordanian clubs that affiliate to the Jordanian Federation of swimming for the sports season 2010 - 2011, with a percentage of (25%) of the study population. The results of this study showed that the domain of the aesthetic values of performance achieved the first rank with a mean of (4.30) and relative importance of (86%), followed by the domain of cognitive values with a mean of (4.26) representing (85%). The domain of moral values comes third with a mean (4.12) and percentage of(82%). The fourth rank was for the social values with a mean of (3.84) demonstrating (76%), while the domain of the (economic values) was represented a mean of (3.81) and percentage of (76%). The study also revealed statistically significant differences between the male and female swimmers regarding the domain of moral values and in favor of the female swimmers, while no statistically significant differences was shown in the other domains. The study suggests a number of recommendations, such as the necessity of including educational seminars within the plans of the Jordanian federation for swimming in a periodical manner for the benefit of the male and female swimmers, which focus on the educational values and their importance in forming their behavior.

Authors | المؤلفون

Mahmoud A. Al-Wedian , Ali S. Abu Zima’

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Swimming, Development The Educational.

References | المراجع