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Suggested Educational Principles of Activating the Role of Jordanian Public Secondary Schools in the Process of Social Control

Abstract | الملخص

This study aimed to propose educational principles in order to activate the role of Jordanian high school in social control process. In addition, it sought to answer the following question: What is the proposed educational principles needed to activate the role of Jordanian governmental high school in the achievement of social control process among students, from the viewpoint of teachers in governmental secondary schools in Jordan? The study was based on a developmental survey method, and the sample consisted of 500 teachers for the academic year 2015/2016. To analyze the data, averages and standard deviations were used, in order to recognize the reality of activation o of social control concept by high school from the viewpoint of teachers of secondary school. One-way analysis of variance , and factor analysis were used. The results revealed that the application of social control concept show represented the highest Average (4.08), while the educational rules were the lowest with an average of (3.93), and the whole instrument average was (4.03). They also show a significant differences due to the" gender" in favor of females, and to the variable "qualification" and in favor of BA and MA or higher, and to the variable" years of experience" in favor of the two categories (6-10 years) and (more than 10 years) on the rules of social control as whole. In light of these findings, the study recommends the adoption of educational rules suggested by this study which may enrich the role of Jordanian governmental high school in the activation of the social control concept.

Authors | المؤلفون

Alaa’ T. BaniNaser , Natheer S. Abu Nair

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Educational Rules, Social Control.

References | المراجع