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From 2000 to 2019

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Interpretations of Natural Phenomena Involving in the Content of Text Books of Earth and Environment Science and Reasoning Patterns and its Relation to some variables

Abstract | الملخص

The study aimed at detecting the level of Interpretations of natural phenomena involving in the content of text books of Earth and Environment Science and Reasoning Patterns and its relationship with some variables. Two tools were used to achieve the objectives of the study. The first is a test to investigate students' interpretations of natural phenomena, and the other is structure interviews to identify reasoning patterns. The study applied randomly stratified cluster sampling. The sample consisted of (15) schools, including (8) males' schools, (7) females', were divided on (39) classes; including (25) males', and (14) females', and the overall number 0 students is (693). The results showed that the common reasoning patterns came in descending order: pattern intuitive thinking, and pattern of rational thinking, then the pattern of emotional thinking, and interpretations of the tenth grade natural phenomena students exceeded the level of (0.50). they also showed the lack of a statistically significant difference at the significance level (α = 0.05). Students interpretations of the phenomena of nature is due to the variable (sex), and that the students interpretations of natural phenomena consistent with the scientific interpretation based n their level of education. In addition, the interpretation becomes close to the scientific explanation whenever students shift from emotional style to the intuitive style to the rational style. The study recommended the need to take care of students thinking pattern during Education to bridge the gap between their reasoning patterns and scientific thinking required in the interpretation of natural phenomena, and that attention is focused on the quality of education to upgrade the students' understanding of natural phenomena. Moreover, shifting school tests more toward the enhancing the knowledge and interpretation of the students to fit tests further with the objectives of science.

Authors | المؤلفون

Rab’ah Z. Ma’abdeh , Mohamoud Bani-Khalf

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Interpretation of Phenomena, Reasoning Patterns, the Level of Achievement.

References | المراجع