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The Degree of Communication Skills Practice by Football Coaches and its Relationship to Team Unity from the Players Perspective

Abstract | الملخص

This study aimed to investigate the degree of practicing football coaches communication skills and its relationship to the team unity as perceived by players. This study followed a descriptive approach using relationship method. A questionnaire was used for data collection on a sample consisted of (115) football players which is (40.35%) from the whole population. Results showed that the questionnaires items means regarding communication skills ranged within the medium evaluation. The means of the group unity has been considered as highly evaluated. Statistically significant differences existed regarding a relationship between communication skills and group unity of football players. This study recommends that coaches should pay attention to the communication skills and methods for their improvement and use. They also need to know their importance on their players and another team staff.

Authors | المؤلفون

Khaled M Alzyoud, Mousa A Abudalbouh, Hasan J Aloran

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Communication skills, group unity, sport team.

References | المراجع