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The Jordanian Version of Cognitive Abilities Test, Level 5/6, and it's Ability on Identifying Gifted Students in Kindergarten

Abstract | الملخص

This study aims to standardize the Cognitive Abilities Test, 7th edition, level 6/5, and its ability to identify gifted children in kindergarten. The sample of the study consists of (350) students in kindergartens in Jordan, and the sample was randomly selected. The study aimed to verify the effectiveness of the Jordanian CogAT items and to extract validity and reliability indicators of the test. Regarding test’s validity results, the face validity findings show a high percentage of agreement between (14) referees (93%). The criterion validity correlation between teachers’ nominations and the test’s results was (0.65), which indicate that there was a correlation between the test and teachers' nominations for gifted students. The findings also indicate that there was a correlation coefficient between subtests ranged from (0.81) to (0.90), Moreover, findings show no statistically significant differences between males and females performance in the average of the test scores. As for reliability, findings indicate statistical significant reliability for the test total score where the correlations coefficient of the internal consistency were (0.98), test- retest (0.92), and split-half (0.95).

Authors | المؤلفون

Al-Mo’tasen Al-Bakkar, Abdulqader Al-Zureiqat*

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

gifted children, cognitive abilities, kindergartens, CogAT Test

References | المراجع