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Biological Science Teachers’ Beliefs About the Teaching - Learning Process in Light of Their Gender and Experience

Abstract | الملخص

This study aimed to investigate the biological science teachers' beliefs about the teaching–learning process. The study population consisted of all biology teachers (males and females) at the public schools in the Directorate of Education of Irbid District for the academic year 2012/2013. The sample of the study were selected randomly, and consisted of (58) teachers. Based on educational literature, a questionnaire has been prepared for the detection of the beliefs of biological science teachers about the teaching-learning process which consisted of (33) items of five levels on Likert scale. The results showed that beliefs degree of biological science teachers about the teaching- learning process in the Directorate of Education for Irbid District were high upon the whole study instrument. Also, results showed that no statistically significant differences (α = 0.05) on beliefs of biological science teachers as a whole, due to gender or teaching experience, nor interaction between gender and experience. In the light of results, the researchers proposed a number of recommendations, including: preparing training programs for teachers, in order to identify beliefs of teachers about learning and teaching process, and preparing for programs and training courses for teachers, aiming to imply beliefs of teachers into practice in teaching process, and to expand participation in the formulation and building of curriculum and textbooks, to include supervisors, teachers, students, and local community

Authors | المؤلفون

Ahmad Qablan and Ghazi Rawaqa*

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Beliefs, Teaching–Learning Process, Biological Science Teachers, Experience, and Gender.

References | المراجع