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Physical Self-Esteem and Its Relation to the Level of Skill Performance in Underhand Serving & Spiking in Volleyball

Abstract | الملخص

The study aimed at investigating physical self-esteem and its relation to the level of skill performance in underhand serving & spiking in volleyball. The researchers used the descriptive approach. The study sample consisted of (85) students (males & females) who enrolled in the course of volleyball in the second semester of the academic year (2016/2017) chosen purposively. Data were collected through the use of questionnaire included (26) items as an instrument for the study, while performance skill tests were used to raise skill performance data. To analyze the data, means, standard deviation, percentage, Pearson Correlation, and t-test were used. The results indicated that the level of self-esteem were in moderate level. There were no statistical significant differences between the physical self-esteem and the effectiveness of the skill performance. Based on the results of this study, has concluded the need to pay attention to the psychological aspects of sports activities and increase students' awareness of their Physical self-esteem

Authors | المؤلفون

Mahmoud Hussien Yacoub, Nezar "Mohmmed Kiar" Alwese, Hasan Jamal Aloran *

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Physical Self-Esteem, Skill Performance, Volleyball.

References | المراجع