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From 2000 to 2019

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Laloscopophobia: Variables that Empower and/or Impede Effective

Abstract | الملخص

Public speaking is an issue that has imposed serious problems for a large number of individuals in different situations, occasions, settings and fields of study and/or work. It is a source of affliction that is likely to interfere though with varying degrees, with speakers’ academic achievements as well as career enhancement and eventually promotions. The present study lends itself to exploring laloscopophobia (public speaking anxiety) from various dimensions and perspectives. It also attempts to discuss the nature of laloscopophobia by investigating its background in terms of definitions, labels, rank and symptoms. More specifically, it seeks to demonstrate factors that debilitate successful speaking required to meeting speakers’ and audience expectations. A further goal is to present key principles, intervention techniques and reduction procedures that have been developed to help phobic combat their fear and boost their confidence. Basic elements that constitute a good speech are also highlighted. In addition, the applicability of the offered strategies to apprehensive speakers is further investigated. Research findings show that public speaking anxiety is found in versatile categories of speakers, presenters, performers, students and individuals who are assigned to accomplish a certain oral task. Moreover, these findings reveal that it is treatable on the grounds that afflicted persons acknowledge their fear and their level of communication apprehension, make use of the successful applicable methods, benefit from relaxation exercises and visualization strategies investigated so far, and adopt an audience centered approach in order to solve this problem.

Authors | المؤلفون

Elham H. Ammari

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Communication, anxiety, presentation, preparation, performance, speeches, audience, judgment, embarrassment, avoidance, scrutiny, withdrawal, success, failure

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