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Effect of Western Music on Arabic Music and Singing

Abstract | الملخص

The Arabic music had played a big role in the development of the Western music. Western civilization has been based on the compositions of the great Arab scientists and philosophers in the Middle Centuries; music in particular. Afterwards, Western music began on growing in that field more and more which had influenced the Arabic music that had been frozen for a while and stopped its development and then started to have an effect during the Middle centuries through the Islamic victories, the Arabs entering “Andalus”, Zeryab having to spread the traditional music – schooling in Baghdad to the Westerners, and the Spanish music has its own effect on the Arabic music whereas this influence has reached Italy and the rest of the European countries. Having some of the musicians arriving from the Roman and Persian countries and those who carried amongst them new rhythms and different music instruments had a conspicuous effect on the Arabic music. The Arabic music has been spread continuously during the Ottoman period for the Arab countries, worthwhile the Arabic music has acquired many terms, and many non-Arabic musical and instrumental forms. This is a result of the scholarships and musical conferences. The researcher provided many examples of professional Arab musicians, as Egypt which is a great example representing other Arab countries. In addition, the researcher tried to analyze the Jordanian modern music to give proof on the Western effect in the Arabic music.

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Ali Shurman

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