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From 2000 to 2019

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In Morphological Illusion for Arab Linguists Phenomena and Causes

Abstract | الملخص

The intention of this research is to shed light on what notions the linguists and grammarians had thought imagined and put into their minds about illusion. They used these notions in order to interpret linguistic and morphological phenomena in the Arabic speech that departed from Arab’s habits and convention which they used to call abnormals and/or anecdotes in an attempt to subjugate them to the popular standards of analogy. Such phenomena are, in my convention, nothing but speech patterns, forms or styles approved and used in Arabic, and known by experts and those who care for it. They are also evidences of Arabic vastness and rhetorical versatility.

Authors | المؤلفون

Hamdi Al-Jabali

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

References | المراجع