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The Arabic "and" (waw) between Al-Atf Waw and Al-Maeyah Waw

Abstract | الملخص

This research has always been in my mind and my attention for a long period of time; it raises many questions whether the Arabic and (waw) is considered to be a conjunction (Atf) or (Al- Maeyah). Tracing the historical background between early Arab grammarians, I found that it is a contradictory issue in all its particles, starting from the concept of "and" (waw), passing through the noun dative case of the factor after "and" (waw), ending with nominal case after "and" (waw) from being a conjunction (Atf) to being Al-Maeyah, and the acceptability of this between grammarians. In conclusion, I found that the semantic environment governs the decision whether to consider "and" as a conjunction (Atf) or Al- Maeyah. Although grammarians- sometimes- contradict each other when they consider Al- Maeyah in meaning as a conjunction in function, therefore; I accept the view that goes along with nature and logic when the environment indicates the lexical, semantic or time to adopt it.

Authors | المؤلفون

Fawziyah Ali Al-Qudah

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