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Promoting Domestic Tourism in Developing Countries; An Analytical Study of Jordan’s Experiment from the Point of View of a Group of Jordanian Tourists in Petra

Abstract | الملخص

This study entitled "Promoting domestic tourism in developing countries; An analytical study of Jordan's experiment from the point of view of a group of Jordanian tourists in Petra" aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of domestic tourism promotional programs performed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Jordan Tourism Board in cooperation with other tourism organizations and institutions in the Kingdom. The actual study sample consists of 136 Jordanian tourists in Petra during the period August- December 2003. SPSS was used to calculate the averages, standard deviations, frequencies, variance and statistical relations. Nearly 80% of the participants stayed at 3-5 star hotels in Petra. Among the main factors that motivated Jordanians to participate in the program were the attractiveness of the place, spending leisure time with family, friends and relatives, and benefiting from the price offers. Around 88% of the participants spent 2 nights in Petra, and 46% spent JD 150 or more during the tour. The study sample highly evaluated the attractiveness of the place and food and beverages services, while the sample negatively evaluated the entertainment activities and the availability of entertainment facilities and services for children. This study recommended paying more consideration to promoting domestic tourism , promoting new tourism patterns in different areas of the country, making available and accessible the required facilities and services that suite the capabilities and preferences of Jordanians, and focusing on promoting family, youth and organized tours for Jordanian citizens.

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Khalid Maqableh

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