Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences

From 2000 to 2019

ISSN 1026-3721

Al-Huson Town in the Late Ottoman Era until Al-Taswia Era 1890-1936 Economical and Sociological Reading Based on Ottoman Financial Records

Abstract | الملخص

Methodologically speaking, the study aims to use statistics and computers to emphasise the importance of shifting modern historical studies to a new state that observes the economic history and the social developments and makes use of available technology and relies on comparing used sources in previous studies with the financial record. The study inferred that this area is linked to the Asyrian society and that Al-Huson village, during the study period, represents a miniature of the social movement that the period of the Emirate witnessed with momentum during the period of its foundation and that of Land Settlements.

Authors | المؤلفون

Hind Abu Al-Sha’r

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Al-Huson Village, Land Settlements, Ottoman Financial Records

References | المراجع