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Pronominal Shift: Evidence from the Holy Quran

Abstract | الملخص

This paper deals with (Eltifaat aladad) used in the Qoran, atype of (eltifaat) tending to receive little attention among scholars. As a starting point, the paper examines a number of views that made this type of (eltifaat) belong to the process of (eltifaat) as well as the reasons behind considering it as (eltifaat) of number in the Qoran. The paper finds that, First, a lot of the examples do not belong to the Qoranic (eltifaat) of number and that second, they are mostly used in contexts that describe (Allah) and in two ways: (1) From singular to plural, which tends to glorify (Allah), and (2) from plural to singular, which stresses that he is the one and only. In addition, in other contexts this type of (eltifaat) tends to convey other meanings, such as generalization, specification and unification in one single entity

Authors | المؤلفون

Nazeeh M. E'lawi , Ayman M. Al-Ahmad

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Qoran, Eltifaat aladad, Number, Singular, Plural

References | المراجع