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Reading the Israeli Security Theory: from the Unilateral Disengagement in the Palestinian Territories to the Second Lebanon War 2006-2008

Abstract | الملخص

This research sheds lights on the deep transformations of the Israeli security theory and the re-reading of the security and strategic calculations in the period 2005-2008. In the introduction, the researcher concentrates on the research problem, the objectives, the methodology and the basic determinants of the Israeli security theory and its theoretical and conceptual frameworks given in different schools such as the traditional military, the contemporary strategic, the social and the developmental approaches. One of the consequences of Lebanon war launched by Israel against Hezbollah is the abandon of the unilateral disengagement plan carried out by Sharon from Gaza and northern West Bank because such withdrawal from one side will be understood as harsh defeat for Israel in the light of Lebanon War. In addition to the Israeli re-emphasizing the strategic situation of Iran in the light of Iran's persistent endeavors to possess nuclear capabilities. The nuclear military capabilities possessed by Iran will enable her to balance Israel in weapons of terror and that would further enable Iran to have a share in the spheres of influence in the Middle East. Writing about Israeli security theory and the Israeli studies in general is crucial at this juncture from the Palestinian and the Arab perspectives because of lack of good literatures about this area of research. This type of research could be helpful to the Palestinian and the Arab decision-makers when it comes to the process of taking decisions in issues related directly or indirectly to Israel.

Authors | المؤلفون

Ayman T. Yousef

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Security, Security Theories, Israeli Security, Military Power, Development, Balance of Power, Political Objectives, Military Tactic, Confrontation Strategy, Unilateral Withdrawal, Bi-national State, Sovereign State, Iran's Nuclear Program,Shia Penetration

References | المراجع