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Political Reforms and Political Arab Systems of Political Science Lecturer's Perceptions at the Jordanian Universities "Survey Study"


The study aimed at identifying the political reforms that are required by the Arab political systems from the perceptions of the political science lecturers at the Jordanian universities. The study based on a key hypothesis that there is statistical significance at the level of (@ ≤ 0.05) between the personal variables and the political reforms required by the Arab political systems. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the quantitative approach (survey method) through a questionnaire consisted of two parts, the first is devoted to demographic characteristics of the study sample, while the second part is dedicated to the political reforms required by the Arab regimes through the perceptions of the political science teachers at the Jordanian universities. Fifty one questionnaires have been distributed to the teachers of political science; the researcher received back 45 questionnaires, forty two were analyzed as three questionnaires were not valid to be analyzed. This study came to confirm the validity of the hypothesis, as the study concluded several outcomes, primarily: The main reforms that are needed by the political systems are constitutional reforms. The introversion of regimes plays major role in the widespread of the corruption phenomenon, as well as, the study clarified the absence of the Arab awareness and the lack of understanding to the impact of media on the society. The study came out with some recommendations, most importantly; the necessity of keeping away from the patching reforms and approaching the real reforms, where the efficiency should be the only criterion to consolidate the leadership positions within the system and keeping away from the reduction of the governance and finally, the vital necessity to adopt the basis of the open political system that helps the participation of every individual in the society especially those with political competencies.


Abdel-Halim Manna Al Adwan , Mo’d Awad Al-Hazaimeh


Political Reforms, Political Arab Systems, Political Science Lectures, Jordanian Universities.