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Specialized Electronic Press and its Role in Manufacturing the Knowledge of Jordanians University Youth Analytical Field Study


This study aim to identify the editorial and directorial characteristics of the specialized electronic journalism, of the journalistic topics and styles, sources and geographical themes, Tarbeahnews website has been chosen as a model. In addition to the electronic properties used by the website. The study has also focused on finding out the role played by the electronic journalism in shaping knowledge among Jordanians University Youth. This study is classified within the descriptive research, in using the survey method, and relying on the content and questionnaire analysis tools, as the researcher analyzed the content of Tarbeahnews website, which is a website specialized in academic subjects, as well as distributing questionnaires to a sample of 486 students in Al-Yarmouk University. The study found that the majority of respondents (youth segment) with (92.2%) watched specialized online newspapers, which means it is known to the reading public and the youth in particular, and has the ability to attract this segment of the public, (15.9%) of whom they are exposed to it displays information and up to date news in its domain, and (13.9%) because it provides news and information described as rare and accurate, and (12.9%) because they provide full details on specific topics, and electronic press specialized in the fields of religion and other specialized areas that young people want it to have such subjects (Mean4.62), while the fields of politics came in twelfth place with an avarage of (40.9). The results have shown that Tarbeahnews specialized news website was ranked the first with an average of (32.8%) among specialized websites which were browsed by the respondents, Irbid news website which is specialized in Irbid Governorate ranked the second with (22.7%), also Tarbeah specialized news website has contributed in the formation of knowledge among university students through its role in raising the level of knowledge in educational issues, which indicates that the website publishes a numerous amount of specialized information especially issues that affect education sector. The results have revealed that Tarbeahnews website has focused on local topics up to (70%), while the website has presented a high percentage of Arabic subjects, the website also did not rely on specific information sources but used a various resources meeting with the readers needs. On the other hand the website did not use the electronic journalism properties in a professional way, such as hypertext and multimedia. The results have shown that Tarbeahnews website has managed to present a group of news and press releases that are classified in the list of the main topics due to its importance to the readers, while it could not update the topics that published on its homepage.


MHatem S Alawneh , Tariq Al-Nasir


: Specialized Electronic Journalism, Manufacturing The Knowledge, Youth, University Youth, Specialized Press.