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Space Solution for the Problem of Violence in Jordanian Universities


This study aimed to Classify the causes of violence in the Jordanian universities and arrange these causes according to their importance and the degree of their impact on the problem in order to enable the decision-maker to determine the starting point in addressing this problem. The study used a descriptive research method, Data were collected from various sources, such as scientific books, journals, internet and the official statistical reports,in addition to using brainstorming to generate new ideas about the causes of the problem, The study used one of qualitative analysis methods, which is called Structural Analysis method – Cross Impact Matrix to sort and classify the causes of the problem according to their importance and the degree of their impact on the problem. The Study concluded that, the academic factors, and psychological factors, and so the administrative factors are the most important and influential reasons in the problem. As well as the Study concluded that all of these factors and reasons are within the external environment of universities and launched from it. The study recommended using and applying the methods of qualitative analysis in general, and especially Structural Analysis / Matrix Effects In the process of study and analysis and classifying the causes of social and human problems, and build a cross-cutting priorities according to degrees of influence of the axes in the study of complex problems, especially social problems. The study also recommended to develop the outputs of the General Secondary certificate and re-consider them, and to work on the unification policies and foundations of university admission in a more rationality and objectivity.


Othman Ghnaim , Khalil Al-Sa’aydih


Violence, Jordanian Universities