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Patterns of Psycho overexitabilities and its Relation to Distinguished Cognitive and Social Emotionality Trait of Tabuk University Students


This study aimed to detect all levels of Psycho overexitabilities Patterns, and cognitive and social emotionality trait on one hand, and finding the relations and differences between them according to some demographic variables among available sample of (140) of enrolled bachelor students at Tabuk University for the academic year 1434/1435AH – 2013/2014 AD at the scientific, social and humanities colleges on the other hand. To detect study variables; two instruments have been applied; the first instrument measures five patterns of Psycho overexitabilities, and the second instrument measures emotional cognitive and social trait. After data collecting and analysis, statistical results indicated significant differences at the significance level of (α ≤ 0.05) of the Patterns of Psychoo verexitabilities levels according to demographic variables, also indicated significant positive statistical correlation at the significance level of (α ≤ 0.05)between the five Patterns of Psycho overexitabilities on one hand, and the emotional cognitive and social trait on the other hand for the study sample.Based on study results, researchers recommended the need for early detection of all types of Psycho overexitabilities patterns, the emotional cognitive and social trait, and preparation of the appropriate educational and extension programs, which will contribute to developing its positive aspects, and reduce the negative ones.


Saud M Alshammary , Mohammad M Baniyounes , Ahmad A Alzaareer


Patterns of Psycho Overexcitabilities, Cognitive and Social Emotionality Trait, Tabuk University Students, Demographic Variables.