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Factors Affecting the Natural Conditional Breastfeeding in Jordanian Society: “An Analytical Study”


The aim of the present study was to investigate and analyze the effect of a range of social, economic and demographic factors on the length of the natural conditional breastfeeding period among married women in Jordanian society. For this purpose, the study depended on the 2012 population and family survey and used a number of statistical models to analyze the data, including comparative means and the advanced stepwise regression. The results showed the importance of such variables as the number of children in the family, the status of women’s work , their level of education, age upon marriage, current age and place of residence, and prior experience with family planning, the desire to have another child, the incidence of child mortality in determining the parameters of the conditional breastfeeding period.


Muneer Karadsheh


Natural Conditional Breastfeeding, Women’s Age At Marriage, Women’s Current Age, Previous Use of Family Planning.