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Semantic value in the play three penny Opera Bertolt Brecht "Analytical study"


Abstract The opera of the Arts, which took a large area of Interests (Bertolt Brecht) and contributed to crystallize his thoughts and deepened during his attempts to experimental theater, which achieved from which great successes was able to highlight the importance of the opera as a form of musical theater influential, and announced through which all theatrical style and theories that have become established for the school to play against the Stanislavski School. The semantic value an important element of theater Barsta, where taken (Brecht) sets of values, a way to reach the objectives of the intellectual in the theater, supporting those values and the implications of all the elements of theater, including music as a mediator aesthetically; can contribute actively to raise awareness of the viewer through get him to listen to the voice of reason, which has had a profound impact on the march of modern theater (1). From this standpoint, the study seeks to identify the groups at the value (Brecht) and its implications, through analytical study of the text of the play (three sharks Opera) as one of its important play. The researcher adopted in his analysis of the play set of actions: identify the research community, and the curriculum, tools, and the unit of analysis, and the unity of the census, supported by his analysis in terms of the text of the play as a unit of iterations, and taxonomic scales of values that suggest connotations verbal taken from the play. And concludes the study to show and discuss the results based on the references and sources that promote the views of the researcher and the analytical results obtained through the frequencies, percentages, and came out the conclusions and recommendations reached through research.


ali abdullah fajer


Key words: epic theater, semantic value, opera, alienation.