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The Narration (RIWAYAH) of Kharijah Ibn Musab in the Quranic Recitation Linguistic & Compilation Study by:


With the guidance of modern linguistic knowledge, this study seeks to address (The Naration of Kharijah Ibn Mus'ab in Qur'anic Reading) in relation to its status in the Arabic language ( accepting or rejection or regularity or oddness). The study concludes that the sub-divisions of the reading itself were neither on principles or foundations , whether from jurisprudential or linguistic point of view , but they were only in partial and secondary matters. This makes diversification and disagreement permissible in it. Furthermore, although it is odd in relation to the narration reference, but it is considered significant and remained correctly practiced, especially if we consider the status of the prominent narrators to whom it is dully ascribed; namely ( Nafe, Abuamr and Al-Hassan), in addition to the fact that the Qura'anic Othmani calligraphy accommodates it. Moreover, the study displays that the relation of grammarians with odd Quranic readings is at the present time more just for odd ones than in the past. This is augmented by the broadness of the view towards odd readings, which have become a research for progress and coinage and are considered indispensable for any human language, while in the past they were specifically designated to the argument research that seeks to secure due purity of the classical Arabic language and correctness in the performance of worship acts. As regards parts of the study, they comprise introduction on the life of the narrator (Kharijah), relation of grammarians with Qur'anic readings , addressing the reading in three sub –sections covering phonetic ,phonological and syntactical aspects as well as conclusion and biographies.


Abdullah Nasir Al-Qarni


خارجة بن مصعب، رواية، القراءة، توجيه، العربية