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هدفت الد ا رسة إِلى التعرف إلى دور نظرية العالم تشارلز تتل في تفسير انح ا رف الأحداث في الأردن، وبلغ عدد أف ا رد الد ا رسة( 101 ) حدث، وقد استخدمت الد ا رسة منهج المسح الاجتماعي الشامل. وتوصلت الد ا رسة إِلى أن أغلبية الأحداث 15 )، من سكان المدينة، يعيشوا

Abstract | الملخص

The study aimed to identify to the Charles Tittle's theory in control balance and its role in explanation of juvenile’s delinquency in Jordan, The results of the study showed that there, The number of members of the study (101) has occurred; the study used a comprehensive social survey method. The study found that the majority of juvenile convicts in the role of education and rehabilitation events in Jordan are of the age group (18-15),The educational level of the parents is located within the secondary level, And most of the perpetrators are from crimes thefts, The Results also the showed that the main reason for the deviation convicted juveniles in Jordan Is the Control surplus rate them in the families, And self-control rate among convicted juveniles was low, The study recommended the necessity of making programs and awareness lectures for the family to talk about how to deal with children, Using control balance and without to exaggerate neglect in Treatment.

Authors | المؤلفون

Rakan ٌR. Alhrahsheh

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Charles Tittle’s Theory, Juveniles Delinquency, Control

References | المراجع