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Change Detection and Analysis of the Vegetation Cover Using Spectral Indices in Remote Sensing, Wadi Al Arab’s Case Study

Abstract | الملخص

The aim of this study was to analyze and evaluate the vegetation cover in Wadi Alarab basin, between 1984 and 2015; using Spectral Vegetation Indices (SVI) based on Landsat-TM (1984) and Landsat 8 (2015) images. In order to determine the best index that can be used to evaluate and detect the changes in the vegetation cover of the study area, four indices have been extracted; namely: NDVI, RVI, SAVI, EVI2. Mapping of the vegetation distribution, based on the extracted indices, the results showed that among the four used indices, the best index which obtaining the strongest statistical correlation R2 (0.96) was EVI2 index. Also the study was able to determine the most changed areas of vegetation cover, more decrease areas are the downstream dam area in the west of the valley basin and most increase in Central and south area in Irbid, and Altaybeh ,and produce the vegetation indices maps.

Authors | المؤلفون

Haifa A. Mohammad , Hussam H. Al-Bilbisi , Hassan Y. Abu Sammour

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Spectral Vegetation Indices, EVI2, NDVI, RVI, SAVI, Vegetation Cover Changes.

References | المراجع