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The Minister in the Fatimi State: Radwaan Bin Walekhshi (531-533 AH/1136-1138 AD)

Abstract | الملخص

This study is an inquiry into a Sunni Muslim figure that became a minister in a predominantly Fatimi government during the Fatimi rule of Egypt. Radwaan bin Walkhshi is the first Sunni minster to have assumed a government position during the Fatimi reign of Egypt. This study sheds light on his life, his promotions to higher administrative positions, and the conditions that brought him to the rank of a minister. The study also dealt with his domestic policy with Muslims on the one hand, and the non- Muslims and the Arminis on the other. The study also focused on the administrative and financial measures enacted by the Sunni minister, which led to great architectural and scientific achievements. The study also tapped upon the dispute between this Sunni minister and Al Hafiz, the caliph, which made the situation tense and made the gap even wider between the two. This tension prompted the Fatimi caliph to oust the minister Radwaan in 533 AH/ 1137 AD. The caliph had detained the minister for eight years before he killed him in 542 AH/1147 AD.

Authors | المؤلفون

AbdelMou’z A. Bani Issa

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Radwaan, Al Hafiz le deen Allah, Fatemeh Country, Bahram, Diwaan.

References | المراجع