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Discourse Analysis and Overcome the Structural (Fouco, and Jacques Derrida Specimen)

Abstract | الملخص

The discourse at each of: Fouco and Jacques Derrida, one of the lingual critic branches which produced by postmodernism sayings, and destined theories for the reader, which called for the author exclusion and negligence in the criticism process practice, by the view to the text as a separate world, here emerged the idea of intertexuality to them, The death of the author and estrangement cognitive... etc. of the sayings. Where undergone radical changes established the concept of the speech, the text in the postmodern fields as discursive formations that look at the text as an open composite material and Non-continent that the tendency to disassembly line with openness and stay away from any continent center point, and replaced by bilateral reader and intertextuality in accordance with the procedural levels followed by critics of postmodernism substitute for author bilateral and text dating according to the Kantian concept to the level of essences.

Authors | المؤلفون

Mona B. Aljarrah

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Discourse, New Historicism, Postmodern, Jacques Derrida, The Reader, The Author.

References | المراجع