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A summary of a Participant Research in Jerusalem in the Eyes of Contemporary World Literature Conference Jerusalem (Place and Memory)

Abstract | الملخص

Study in the aesthetics of the place and its implications, manifestations and its impact on the elements of the novel. In the novel: Sonata for ghosts of Jerusalem by waseeny alaraj The main issue in the Palestinian cause is the issue of place; a land stolen from the natives , that’s why Palestine and its cities, especially Jerusalem are mentioned in many literary texts as place of identity and memory. Jerusalem has become a public issue in the Arab, Islamic and international literature, because of their special religious and historical features, one of these lite works which focused on this cause is the novel (Sonata for the ghosts of Jerusalem), by the Algerian writer Waseeny alaraaj. This novel deals with the story of (May) a Palestinian artist who was forced to leave Jerusalem in her childhood and emigrated to America where she was diagnosed by cancer and died there. The dream of Jerusalem never didn’t leave her mind and the dream of returning to her land did not stop. she wished to return to Jerusalem to die there , but she could not, so she wished for her ashes to be buried there. Jerusalem: a place and identity, took a very important place in this novel set since the start of alienation and exile , until its end in when the ashes of the main character return home. In the events in between Jerusalem has remained a shining flamboyantly element. So Jerusalem as a place is very important, sensitive element in the novel's vision and art, this place occupies very large areas in the novel and in its title too, it is also connected as well as with other elements in the novel through its shadows and its impact. The goal of this research - with the permission of Allah - is to shed light on all the aspects of the novel, all important elements and Jerusalem in particular, in terms of significance and Aesthetic point of view. This research seeks to approach Jerusalem impact as place on the novel's elements: title, language, vision, its characters and the narrating style. Following in all of that the semiotic approach. This is a summary of the research that I hope it will carry benefit and knowledge within

Authors | المؤلفون

Dosh Falah al-Dossari

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Novel, Quds, The place.

References | المراجع