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Reading in the Book of songs for Abu Faraj Al-Asfahani News of Abdullah bin Abbas with Poets (as a Model)

Abstract | الملخص

This study is meant to provide a reading of Kitab Al-Aghani by Abu Al-Faraj Al-Asfahani, by criticizing Ibn Abbas's biography in Al-Aghani and analyzing it. And tries to reveal the purpose and soul hidden reason of Abu al-Faraj to composite Al-Aghani; it turned out that Al-Asfahani was walking on the guidance of a particular planning, and seeks to express his opinion with poetry and singing, which were the point of conflict in society, and divided scientists between supporters and opponents. Since Abu Al-Faraj is a supporter, he had to support his opinion with a trusted personality, that does not constitute a debate in the community, so he chose the character of Ibn Abbas, in which he took as a mask to promote and disseminate his opinion, implying what was known about Ibn Abbas of religious status and acknowledgment of poetry. The study revealed that the biography of Ibn Abbas in Al-Aghani was wrongly made by Abu Al-Faraj, with weak references and unique novels, to achieve the purposes of writing the book. Al-Asfahani connvinced Ibn Abbas to take the side of the poets who were rejected by the community in the biography; and this is only for their technical and monetary abilities recognized by Abu Al-Faraj .. Abu Al-Faraj could not abandon his political passion in making biographies, and judging poets. The study relied on the curriculum of Al-Hadith narrators to criticize the biography of Ibn Abbas in Al-Aghani, and was able to drop the fake biography of Ibn Abbas which was supported with weak evidences and novels; proving that Abu Al-Faraj made these biographies to achieve a purpose solely for himself

Authors | المؤلفون

Raeda Akuzhia *

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Singing, Board, Mask.

References | المراجع