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Mosul in the Turkish Political Discourse 1926-2003 Historical study

Abstract | الملخص

The problematic inheritance of the Ottomans for the republic of Turkey dominance and attainment of privileges in the region since 19th century Turkey's geographical closeness to Mosul and the mutual culture religious and ethnic feature between Turkish and Iraqi people were used as motives of provocation and chaotic atmosphere in the area by Turkey to acquire control over oil. Despite the acceptance of the League of Nations to keep the mandate of Mosul within the borders of Iraq in December 1925, however , Turkish leader continued their claims for Mosul since the founding of the Republic of Turkey until recently. The second Gulf War 1990 was seen as great opportunity for Turkey to restore Mosul in order to neutralize any attempt to form a Kurdish state in north Iraq and then demand by Suleiman Demeirel to draw the border btween Turkey and Iraq ,finally RecepTayyipEedogan ,who sent a historic and political message "Turkey's opponents have forced it to sign the Treaty of Severs and then the Treaty of Lausanne" he said ,expressing his regret :" the departure of the Turks from the reaty of Lausanne " , it is clear that the Turks ,after a century did not cope with the annexing Mosul to Iraq

Authors | المؤلفون

Manal Al- Saleh

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Mosul, Treaty 1926, Turkish government

References | المراجع