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The Jurisdiction of Grievances (Niyabat Dar-il-Adl) as Tackled in the book “Al-Ahkam Al-Sultaniy a by Al-Mawardi (D.450 A.H./1058A-D.)”- An analytic Historical Study

Abstract | الملخص

Ther research- paper entitled “The Jurisdiction of Grievances as Tackled in The book “Al-Ahkam Al-Sultaniya” by Al-Mawardi ( D. 450 A.H.\1058 A.D.),The research shed light upon the icons of civilization that existed at the time. In the first part of the study, the author’s biography:his full name, his nickname, his descent, his family name, his upbringing, his sheikhs, his students, his qualities,his ethics, the posts he assumed, the age in which he lived, his approach, the sources he utilized until his death are all being brought into focus. The second part involves the exposition and explanation of the “jurisdiction of grievances” as it is one of the systems of administration.This treatment of the topic has been based upon the book intended. The study, however, has highlighted the bottomline causes of such jurisdiction and has traced back its onset from the pre-Islamic era up to the Islamic era. This presentation has been made and then compared with what is presented in other sources. The study concludes that the jurisdiction of grievances is a judicial establishment of high status supervised by the judge cxof grievances. The judge of grivances, however,is higher in rank than the judge. Al-Mawardi, though، mentioned the powers in which the former exceeds the latter

Authors | المؤلفون

Haider khudair Rasheed

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Diwan of Grievances, Bowayhiyeen,Caliph,Abbasid.

References | المراجع