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Britain's Position on the Conflict between the rulers of Busaid and the Separatist Movements of Al-Mazaree in East Africa 1749-1896

Abstract | الملخص

The research aims to explain the role of the tool of mazaree in east of Africa, to demonstrate the nature of the relation between them and the Busaid governor 1749 – 1896 a.c. which represented the altitude of the Busaid governors encounter of the splitting ambitions than the central authority in Oman. And to limit the African parts with the Asian part under the unique authority. The research accomplished on 1896m which is the year of Britain capable to fighting and breakthrough their authorities, completely. Where they tried to threat the Britain authority in the east of Africa. The research consists of three essential topics, the first one is about their struggling with the Busaid governors through the periods of 1749 until 1806 a. c. the second deals with the struggle of said saeed bin sultan and standing alone completely on their side. While the third is about the renewed activity of the east of Africa in the era of sultan Barghash bin said 1870 until 1888 and their struggle with the Britain which passing their standing perfectly on the year 1896a

Authors | المؤلفون

Muslih Mohammed Abed, Anwar Odeh AL-khalidi*

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Al-Mazaree, British, EastAfrica, National Resistance.

References | المراجع