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The Degree of Awareness among the UAE Youth Concerning the Role of Business Incubators in Achieving Sustainable Development

Abstract | الملخص

The study aimed to identify the degree of awareness among the UAE youth concerning the role of business incubators in achieving sustainable development. and significant differences in the degree of awareness in light of some social variables. A historical and descriptive approaches were used to achieve the study objectives. Questionnaire was conducted to collect information from respondents. Appropriate statistical methods were employed to analyze and process the study data. The following conclusions were drawn from this study: The UAE youth have a very high degree of awareness of the role of business incubators in achieving sustainable development; this awareness stems from their cognizance of incubators as a concept, its importance, its success factors, and the obstacles regarding its continuation. The UAE youth believe that business incubators might be a solution for the reduction of unemployment problems among graduates and young people. Furthermore, they believe that business incubators also contribute to the development of different sectors within the UAE and that they play a role in helping investment in the available resources of the environment and provide the required setting and atmosphere for the establishment of projects. According to the perspectives of youth of the UAE, the most important factors regarding the success of incubators is that incubators are located near universities and research centers, and that they provide technical/ legal/ training/ marketing advisory services, and that they also provide the appropriate spatial environments (that is, the correct space, /machines,/devices, and/tools). According to the perspectives of UAE youth, several constraints face business incubators , such as the weakness of their technological and technical capabilities; the difficulty of product marketing; a lack of coordination between governmental agencies and the private sector, and small enterprises, a lack of awareness regarding the importance of the role of creativity and leadership culture in motivating youth towards self-employment. The study also concluded that there was significant differences in the degree of awareness related to Gender variable in favor of males on the pivot of obstacles of business incubators. And the results showed no significant differences in the degree of awareness of business incubators role in achieving sustainable development in society related to age, study level, years of study, employment status, work nature variables on all the study pivots

Authors | المؤلفون

Asma R.AL-Arab, A’laa Z. Al-Rawashdeh*

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Business incubators, Sustainable development, UAE youth, Awareness, Creativity, Innovation.

References | المراجع