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From 2000 to 2019

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AL-Zawaya (Hospices) and AL-Rubut (Hermitages) in Egypt as Tackled in the book "Tuhfatu -il- Nudhar fi Ghara'eb Al-Amsar wa 'Aja'eb Al-Asfar" by Ibn-Battuta (D.779 A.H/1377 A.D) An analytic Historical Study

Abstract | الملخص

The researcher has touched upon and explored hospices and hermitages in Egypt as presented in the book "Tuhfatu-li-nudhar fi Ghara'eb Al-Amsar wa 'Aja'eb Al- Asfar" by Ibn-Battuta (D. 779 A.H./1377 A.D). The research is divided into two parts : the first part touches upon the author's biography, i.e. his name lineage, nickname and birth (i.e. his early stage of life). It also includes his travels which covered a span of twenty-seven years. This period of travelling covered those regions located between the Al-Mashreq, Al-Maghreb, Marrakesh and Andalusia. In this part , his culture, knowledge, approach and the sources explored have all been investigated. Moreover, his relation with Abi Anan is shed light upon alongside with his works and writings-Even his death has been included within this part. The second part is a survey and an exhaustive account of the hospices and hermitages witnessed and sighted throughout Ibn-Battuta's travels. In this part, the researcher has given definitions of Al-zawaya (i-e.hospices). Al-Rubut (i-e. hermitages) and Al-Khawaniq (i-e. prayer rooms). Such definitions have been presented on the basis of the linguistic and figurative norms. Only after covering thee points does the researcher embark on the broad review of the most important hospices and hermitages in Egypt as mentioned in the author's book

Authors | المؤلفون

Haider Khudair Rasheed *

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

AL-Zawaya, AL-Rubut,Al-Khanqah.

References | المراجع