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The Manifestations of al-Nakba and Resistance in Tawfik Fayyad’s The Disfigured and House of Madness

Abstract | الملخص

This research is based on the hypothesis that both of Tawfik Fayyad’s early works: the novel, al-Mushawwahoon, The Disfigured, in 1964 and the play, Bayt al-Junoon, House of Madness in 1965, complement each other. They both present an integrated vision of the formation of the Palestinian self (bildungsroman) in the wake of the Nakba that allowed the Palestinian citizen to realize and face this disintegrated self and to remold it in a way that allows it to deal with present and future challenges. This study aims to define the relationship between The Disfigured and House of Madness at the aesthetic and thematic level. It also highlights the most important implications and techniques used in these two works. It uses the formal approach to show the importance of Nakba as a correlative objective of deformity, insanity, and absurdity in The Disfigured and House of Madness

Authors | المؤلفون

Emad Alzabin *

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

: House of Madness, The Disfigured, Bildungsroman, Existentialism, Nakba, Resistance

References | المراجع