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Parallel text in the poetry of Abdul Rahim Omar Semiotic Study

Abstract | الملخص

Is spite of the numerous studies and researches dealing with the poetry of Abdul-Raheem Omar, the topic of thresholds and the parallel texts, which were recognized by the modern Arab criticism after the works of Jeerer Genet had been translated, remained absent from the content of this study. In view of the abundance and variety of parallel texts in the introductions of his poems, in addition to its role in supporting the total structure of these poems, the pivotal role found out by the two researchers at which deep lights to draw the space of the poem to fathom its structure provided, and the extent of the importance of having such factors by the reader to pass through the scope of the text, they have followed up these thresholds and searched for their sources, denotations, its importance to fathom the deep structure of the text and reveal the hidden realms which the poet expressed. They were provided by what has been introduced by modern semiology about the study of thresholds. This study has accordingly followed two tracks, one of them theoretical so as to examine and inspect the term of thresholds, and to make its concepts clear after becoming vague by multi translations. The other is applied on variable thresholds the poet set at the introductions of the poems, and to point out the effect of these introductions on harmonizing the overlapped structure within the text building.

Authors | المؤلفون

Naser Yousef Jaber, Mohammad Issa Alhourani

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Semiology, parallel text, poetry of Abdul-Raheem Omar

References | المراجع