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Fundamentalism Roads in the Pay Discrepancy Evidence in Several Death Fundamentalist Study to Say Bobad Term

Abstract | الملخص

It appeared in some academic letters of jurisprudence in this day and age a recent call to revive say Bobad term in determining the waiting period for several pregnant women whose husband has died; taking the doctrine of Shiite and Ibadi and the lack of Sunnis. If this is not to say Bobad-term seriousness of the outcome, the risk in daring to correct year explicit prelude to the selection of that speech and weighted, hence, the theme of this research is to defend the Sunnah to clarify ways fundamentalists in pay opposes evidence in several of death in a way shows the weakness to say Bobad term leave what is true of the year in question. I was keen on this research to argue the most likely to say Bobad term of contemporary discussing.

Authors | المؤلفون

Aref Ezzedine Hassounah

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Waiting Period for pregnant woman by the deceased, and opposes weighting, far-term, modern Sabieh Aloslmah

References | المراجع