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The Deviation of the Statutory Provisions governed the Assistance and Salvage at Sea: Analytical and Critical Reviewing

Abstract | الملخص

This paper represents an analytical and critical study regarding the issue relating to the assistance and salvage at sea and its reward which are based upon the Jordanian Law, on the one side, and the International Conventions on the other side. Based on an objective and neutral overview, the paper focuses on the Jordanian Commercial Maritime Law's deviations from the relevant International Conventions (Brussels Convention 1910 and London Convention 1989 related to salvage). In fact, all aspects of deviations of the Jordanian Commercial Maritime Law No. 12 for 1972, lead to negative consequences represented in aborting the rights of financial reward for other entities which may carry out the assistance and salvage at sea, other than the ones provided by the Law in question.

Authors | المؤلفون

Basem Mohammad Melhem

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Assistance and Salvage at Sea, Reward, Jordanian Commercial Law, Brussels Convention 1910 and London Convention 1989 related to Assistance and Salvage

References | المراجع