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From 2005 to 2019

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The impact of the party system in the administrative control on administrative work (An Empirical Study on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

Abstract | الملخص

The research consists of an introduction, four chapters and a conclusion. The introduction includes the research importance, idea and that it is an attempt to real addressing of the political parties functions, that is what they actually do, and the impact thereof on the administrative control of administrative work. Chapter one includes discourse on the contemporary party systems and its functions as a prelude necessary for stating what is meant by contemporary political parties, and their public origins, so that it may, later on indicate its role in administrative control. Before indicating that role, the research in Chapter two addressed administrative control on administrative work, and its necessity so that it may state the role of political parties therein. Chapter three includes addressing such relationship between party system and administrative control on administrative work, without linking to the Jordanian status, but as general fundamental rules. The final Chapter, is an applied study on the Jordanian status, as we arrived at, with all the above, a conclusion that has implicated the most important among others; that in respect of the current Jordanian party experience, work has to be done as fast and sincerely as possible to develop the party system on ideal basis, with adequate plans placed therefore, and ideal efforts also joined together, so that we guarantee that its development takes the right direction, that is contributing, efficiently and objectively in political life, whether in respect of formation of governing authorities, or their inter relations and therewith, and adequate constitutional balance within a framework of perfect preservation, simultaneously, of rights, liberties and public sanctities, as it is the correct torchlight for relative progress with other competitive international systems, as well as that is an internal guarantee that party practice represents an aid for sound administrative control, not otherwise.

Authors | المؤلفون

Osama Nu’aimat , Khalid Al-Dorou

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Party System, Administrative Control, Freedom.

References | المراجع