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Engineering Rules for Islamic Financial Products. An Analytical Study

Abstract | الملخص

The construction and development of Islamic financial products covering all sectors of the Islamic banking and finance is one of the most important challenges facing the Islamic banking, in light of the rapid growth of Islamic finance clients quality and quantity needs. And is problematic Engineering Islamic financial products new between myself equation of the fact that financial institutions and Islamic banking institutions and financial intermediaries operating in the wealth management cash available to them in order to make a profit on one hand, and between the inevitability of commitment of these institutions to the rules and principles of law binding the need to pass the Islamic finance assets real financial strictly for turning Islamic finance products to offer financing for usury Islamic nomenclature. This research aims to the statement of the concept of Engineering Islamic financial products and the need for them, which is required search in the rules and standards that ensure Engineering Islamic Finance to provide Islamic financial products covering all sectors of finance, represented by: Engineering finance products in order to achieve the goal of Islamic finance, and the legality of the system of contractualproducts target funding implemented in financial institutions and Islamic banking, and production is mainly the added value contributed by product financing, and reduce costs criterion for the efficiency of engineering products Islamic finance, and invent new solutions to manage financing, and participation basis for entitlement to return, and fair participation in risk basisto effectively manage the risks of Islamic finance products, and achieve a trading base, and achieve economic efficiency down to the credibility of legitimacy.

Authors | المؤلفون

Raed Nasri Abu- mounes

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Financial Engineering, Products, Islamic Finance; Production.

References | المراجع