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From 2005 to 2019

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Legal Characterization of Arbitration System

Abstract | الملخص

It is illustrated by looking at the legal nature of the arbitral award in the administrative contracts that (the administration and the contractor agree to refer disputes arising between them in terms of the interpretation of the administrative contract or terms of implementation of it upon the arbitration method instead of using the judiciary), and those granted by the Jordanian Legislator for the judicial authorities headmistress themselves in disputes arising out of all contracts, without any exception, whether they are civilian or administrative. But it does not mention for the administration clearly the Permissibility to use the arbitration concerning the administrative contract disputes. The judiciary efforts of the respected Jordanian differentiation court go to bestowed the legal nature upon arbitral award and give to the Jordanian Legislator the topic prove which is exempted from appeal except which associated with annulment of the contract in which using the arbitral award as means to resolve the disputes that arising from this contract.

Authors | المؤلفون

Mohammed Mufadi Ma'qbeh

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Arbitration, Arbitral Award, Administrative Contract, Disputes.

References | المراجع