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The Two Degrees Administrative Litigation and Its Role in Saving Personal Rights and Freedom

Abstract | الملخص

There are so many modern legal systems that adopt The two-level administrative litigation in which the cases before the Courts of First Instance to be held before the Courts of second Instance in order to be looked at and have another sentence instead of the past. There are many benefits achieved upon this principle like playing a protective role because the judge of Courts of First Instance will pay his best efforts to issue his sentence without being verdict, and it also be correctional so that no faults in the Courts of First Instance will be repeated here upon the better experience of the Courts of second Instance judges. Here we realize that the Litigation on two degrees when practiced in the administrative cases we realize that the administrative is independent from the common law and that there are two degrees of courts but the the Courts of First Instance will have more general administrative cases. Applying the past words in Jordan, we find that under the issue of article 27 of the administrative law for the 2014, we find that Jordan has partially applied the double litigation principle because the common law courts are the responsible courts here including the administrative cases. Speaking about the Administrative courts, we find that the administrative law didn’t take the judges majors into consideration or having an independent entity for them a situation which represented a major problem for the persons who have cases before the courts of law and want their cases to be settled quickly.

Authors | المؤلفون

Ali Yousuf Alalwan

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

The Two Degrees Administrative Litigation, Rights, Freedom

References | المراجع