Dirasat: Sh ari’a and Law Sciences

From 2005 to 2019

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Taoism Religion and its Doctrine in Divinity through its Sacred Book and Islam's Attitude towards it "Critical Study"

Abstract | الملخص

This study investigates the Taoism religion and its doctrine in divinity issues. This is done through its sacred book and the Isalm's attitude towards it. The study introduces the founder of this religion and the sacred book "Road to Virtue". The study discusses the establishment of this religion in China, ways by which it spreads their doctrine in God, and the Islam's attitude towards that. The study reached a number of conclusions of which: Taoism disagrees with Islamic doctrine in terms of the unity of creator and creation, therefore, Taoism is not considered a divine religion.

Authors | المؤلفون

Ibrahim M. Burqan

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Religion, Taoism, God

References | المراجع