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The Moral of Commons In Fundamentalists' (Its Reality and Types)

Abstract | الملخص

This research study handles the moral of commons in Fundamentalists' This study aims to draw precise limits of the moral of commons in fundamentalists. This study has concluded set of results, the most important was: as the commons occur to the words, also occurs to the words also occurs to the meanings, but as a metaphor to the more correct opinion, the meaning that illustrates the common : common inductive, which is the benfit common from the word-oriented by the Prophet Muhammad- peace be upon him- to one of the companions, pan speech addressed to the Prophet –( peace be upon him-to the nation), and the whole concept, and the benfit common from clearly, a measurement set on illness or pointed to, as well as there are a number of fundamentalist issues based on the whole common: as a matter of the general requirement, the general concept, which is the culmination for the dispute fact between the fundamentalists.

Authors | المؤلفون

Firas A. Ashayeb

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Jurisprudence Fundamentals, Moral of Commons.

References | المراجع