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What is the Campus of A Dam for Excuses Permitted for Interest Paramount

Abstract | الملخص

It can be stated that what has been prohibited based on Sadd al-Dhara "I" can be permitted on the base of public interest. Sadd al-Dhara "I" is considered as a basic principal in Islamic law. Moreover, many of Fiqh rulings that are seen as Sharia significant rulings is based on Sadd al-Dhara "I". For example, many cases have been prohibited in Islamic law based on Sadd al-Dhara "I". However, in some cases, significant public interests can transform prohibited Fiqh rulings that are based on Sadd al-Dhara "I" to allowed Fiqh rulings in Maliki and Hanbali school of thought.

Authors | المؤلفون

Harith M. Issa

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Excuse, Interest, Preponderant.

References | المراجع