Dirasat: Sh ari’a and Law Sciences

From 2005 to 2019

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Judicial Jurisdiction in Shariah Execution: (from a Legal and Fiqh Point of View) and its Aim

Abstract | الملخص

This thesis is about the Jordanian Sharia enforcement Law number (10) for the year 2013. It shows the improvements made in the new law in order to improve the process of executing the judgements which in turn would achieve the objective of sharia jurisprudence which is enforcing the judgements issued by this law. It also shows the role of the sharia judge in executing the executive bonds. The thesis clarifles the judicial procedures related to the enforcement of the judgements issued by Jordanian sharia courts and foreign courts that would implement the judgements in the optimal manner and deliver justice to all parties. The importance of this thesis is shown through the various executive procedures for executive procedures for executive bonds: their mechanism of implementation, and jurisdiction. This thesis is also a sclentific material for different judicial executive bodies as well for lawyers and students. The thesis concluded with the important results and recommendations, Among those results is the purpose of enforcing executive bonds which is delivering the rights to their owners to achieve justice. So, there must be regulatory legislations for implementing and preserving others' rights. In regard of recommendation, the most important recommendation is to hold training courses for judges and their assistants as well as lawyers to identify the latest executive updates related to the procedures, jurisdiction and executive periods. In conclusion, this is my best effort and energy. So, if I am right, then it is by the willing of the almighty Allah, and if I am wrong it is from me and from the devil.

Authors | المؤلفون

Waleed A. Al-Khawaldah , Mohammad A. Al-Qudah

Keywords | الكلمات الدالة

Competence of the Lyrics, Anywhere, Anytime, Implementation.

References | المراجع